Our Clients

Ministry of Civil Aviation Crisis Center (2010)

Supplying & installation of NEC LCD walls total of 40 frameless screens consisting of 3 LCD wall, 12 portable Tandberg video conferencing stations plus complete A/V control system.




Mubarak Airport (Sohag) (2010)

Supplying a complete visual communication solution for the airport including NEC displays, IPTV and Digital Signage solutions.




Egypt Air Hospital (2010)

Supplying and installation of a complete visual communication solution including Tandberg video conferencing, 2x NEC LCD walls to communicate between the hospital and George Pompidou hospital in Paris.




Etisalat Misr (2010)

Installation of forty five meeting rooms including Epson projects, LCD displays, Omnivex Digital Signage and IP/TV solutions.




Petrojet / Tharwa (2010)

Installation of a complete A/V system of Tharwa new building. The solutions included Tandberg video conferencing, NEC LCD displays, Epson high end projector and Sennheiser audio solutions.




Culturama (2006-2009)

Supplying and installation for more than 90 Epson projectors in more than 5 sites to panorama screens, each one consist of 9 screens which shows the glory of the Egyptian history.




ENSINET (2010)

Supplying & of a complete solution for 3D projection for Al Salam theatre plus NEC wall 3 x 3 and Digital Signage solution.




IDSC (2010)

Supplying a complete video conferencing solution with infrastructure to link their remote sites together.




Nile Schools (2010)

Supplying and installation of 140 Epson ultra short throw projectors in all the Nile schools all over Egypt plus 6 video conferencing stations and its infrastructure backbone.




AUC (New Campus) (2008)

Delivery & installation of 400 Epson projectors and complete A/V solution for the classrooms using Extron Distribution and audio, complete IPTV network, video conferencing solution, complete video streaming solution and more than 300 projectors in the old campus.




Ministry of Communication & Information Technology (2005-2009)

Supplying and installation of more than 10000 Epson projectors for the Egyptian schools allover Egypt, 40 unit video conferencing stations and infrastructure.




HSBC Bank (2008-2009)

Installation of a complete A/V solution for the new head quarter in Maadi and the new regional office in smart village which covers (Tandberg video conferencing, Extron Distribution, Audio system, video wall, and Epson projectors).




Nile University (NU) (2009)

Supplying and Installation of a complete A/V solution for the whole new campus in the smart village which consists (40 Epson Projectors, Tandberg video conferencing, Extron distribution solution, audio system).




Central Bank of Egypt (2007)

Supplying Tandberg video conferencing for 8 meeting rooms in a complete A/V solution included Extron and Epson projectors.




Rashid Oil Company (2006)

Supplying and installation of complete 3D passive stereo projection solution from Cyviz.




EFG Hermes (2008-2010)

Supplying and installation of video conferencing systems in all their premises plus a complete IPTV solution.




Vodafone (2006-2010)

Supplying of more than 10 units video conferencing profile systems and more than 40 Epson projectors in 40 meeting rooms.




Ethiopia Telecom (2006)

Supplying of 12 units video conferencing systems in 12 Ethiopian Cities.




ITIDA (2009)

Supplying and installation of a complete A/V solution for the new building in the smart village (projectors, Digital Signage, Extron Distribution, audio systems, LCD's).




ITI (2009)

Supplying and installation of a complete A/V solution for the whole solutions in the smart village which consists (projectors, Digital Signage solutions, Extron Distribution, LCD's and audio system).




Bibliotheca Alexandria (2009)

Supplying and installation of a complete video wall cubes 4 x 3 from Mitsubishi to display the CCTV system of the new library.