User interface


Crestron keypads offer unique versatility. In addition to providing elegant dimming and switching control, they are configurable keypads. 

Touch screens

Control any room, the entire home or facility, conveniently from any of our beautiful, stylish touch screen or remote control. With such a wide selection for you to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect piece to meet your needs and complement any space.


Elegant design meets intuitive control. Our handheld remotes are not only beautiful; they stand up to heavy-duty use. Thoughtfully designed with smart features and ergonomic navigation, these are our best handheld remotes ever.

Control systems


Crestron 2-Series Control Systems are the brain of a complete integrated AV or automation solution. Every audio, video, and environmental element of the home, boardroom, classroom, or command center becomes integrated and accessible through the control system.


  • Fully integrated home automation, building control, AV and environmental control is simple with Crestron 3-Series Control Systems.

3-Series™; real-time, preemptive multi-threaded/multitasking kernel; Transaction-Safe Extended FAT file system; supports up to 10 simultaneously running programs


Bundled solutions make it easier to purchase high-performance home entertainment and AV presentation systems.

Media Manager

Crestron Media Manager products create seamlessly connected multimedia presentation and room control solutions for classrooms, lecture halls, training rooms and conference rooms. High performance

Quick packs

Everything you need for a simple-to-use, state-of-the-art classroom presentation systems.

Lighting control

Commercial lighting control

Harness the energy saving power of automatic dimming daylight harvesting, bad shedding and demand response

Residential lighting control

Adjust lights and shades throughout the home from any room

Shading solutions

Shading solutions

Crestron shades elegantly blend designer window treatments with intelligent room control. Crestron shades are available in a choice of hundreds of fabrics, including sunscreen, privacy and blackout shades.

Thermostat and sensors


·         Wall mount heat/cool and humidity thermostat for one- and two-stage control of forced air, radiant and heat pump HVAC systems

·         Multiple Crestron® thermostats may be networked via Cresnet®

·         Supports remote humidity sensors and outdoor temperature sensors

·         Backlit LCD display

Front panel buttons for setup, configuring, and temperature/humidity adjustments


Automation based on natural light, temperature and room occupancy for energy savings, comfort and convenience.



Affordable home entertainment systems including whole house music and home theater


Browse and play all your favorite music, movies, internet TV shows, websites and videos

Apple control

Turn your iPhone or ipad into a Crestron touch panel for complete control at home, work or on the go.

Internet and satellite radio

Browse and select among thousands of stations on touch screens and remote from any room.


7.3 surround sound system-perfect for HD home theaters and video conferencing.


Listen to music in every room throughout the house.


Completing your fully integrated Crestron-engineered distributed audio system.



Affordable home entertainment systems including whole house music and home theater


Browse and play all your favorite music, movies, internet TV shows, websites and videos

Analog switchers

Select and distribute composite and high-resolution component video with stereo audio for professional AV presentation.

Digital media

Access and watch digital HD video around the home or office without a hitch.


Watch up to 8 HD video on a single display. Draw over live HD video and computer images.

HDMI essential

Get the most out of your HD systems-faster switching; watch in multiple rooms and extend cable distances


Complete presentation control and signal routing system for boardrooms, classrooms and auditoriums.