Artio Portal

Improve the power & flexibility of enterprize middleware
Create & customize presentation of TV, VoD, radio & interactive pages
Tailor for individual or group of users across any screen or device
Deepen end user engagement & on-screen experience
Customize specific UI’s to meet design & brand requirements
Add apps to enhance screens with data feeds
Create separate content streams for different audiences

Artio Multiview

With Artio Multiview, video and data streams can be viewed at once. IPTV system administrators see the whole content picture on one screen.

AvediaStream chassis

Select any combination of TVgateway and Encoder blades to populate these versatile chassis, delivering a customised IPTV solution for your organisation:
Hot swap support maximises uptime
Increased reliability
Easy on site replacement of components
Future proofed IPTV. Easily add blades to support new TV and video sources as your organisational requirements grows

AvediaStream TVgateways

Distribute live television using an existing IP network (LAN)
Supports the widest range of digital TV formats: DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C, ATSC and Clear QAM
Descrambles encrypted channels using standard third party CAMs
Web interface offers extensive control and advanced diagnostics
Supports Multiple Program Transport Streams (MPTS) for broadcast and other professional level applications 

AvediaStream Encoders

Distribute content from any video source using an existing IP network 
Video sources include Blu-Ray/DVD players, satellite TV set-top boxes, digital cameras, digital signage generators and legacy equipment (e.g., VCRs)
Stream video in standard definition (SD) or high definition 
(HD) quality
Convert the output of any standard video source into the MPEG-2, or MPEG-4 H.264 format 
Scale HD content to SD for low bit-rate delivery


Manage : Browser based multi user management and configuration of devices. Control user access,       interaction with local profiles or LDAP integration and action triggered event capabilities 
Stream : Stream video on demand or to a schedule. Create your own IPTV channels using existing content. Give users individual access to video content and the ability to play, pause and rewind
Record : Centralised scheduled or continuous recording. Set and control recordings based on EPG information from AvediaPlayer clients. Automatic transfer of recordings to VoD/FTP/fileshare
Playback: Playback content on PC, Mac or AvediaPlayer r92xx

Avedia Player IPTV Receivers

•      Quickly add displays anywhere on the LAN without degrading picture quality

•      Fast, easy installation with Power over Ethernet (PoE), simple native UI, compact unit, secure behind screen mounts available

•      Easily managed and controlled by AvediaServer Director

•      User control of channel, volume and language via remote control

•      Extensive integration capabilities with middleware, room control systems and more

•      r9210 supports composite (PAL), S-Video, RGBS, or component video output to extend life of existing TVs and display devices and support new equipment

•      r9220  provides additional ports for  IP telephone and internet access for lower capital and operating costs

•      Encrypted Firmware updates running on the STB are signed by Exterity for added security

Artio Desktop

Use a PC or Mac to play TV and video channels from the LAN
Automatic channel detection and listing
Pause and restart live TV
Record video on PCs or upload to video on demand server