H.264 Encoder Family

  • Bring Standard & High Definition video to your viewers
  • Up to High Definition 1080p Encoding
  • Multiple Bit Rate Streaming
  • 500G HDD Storage for Recording (optional)
  • RTMP Support for Flash Streaming
  • Advance Metadata Support
  • Unicast and Multicast Protocol Support
  • Integrated Streaming Server
  • Multiple Video Input Types
  • Low Latency

Rich Media Studio

  • VBrick's Rich Media Studio is a powerful video and desktop capture device that enables you to create and deliver presentations using live video, desktop sharing, graphic files, PowerPoint presentations and more.
  • Multiple analog video inputs
  • Full frame rate xGA capture
  • Simple one-touch controls
  • Provides both PC and Mac compatibility

Mobile Solutions

  • Portable, self-contained, streaming solutions that provide you with everything you need to stream video on-the-go.
  • High quality, standards-based, H.264 encoding
  • Integrated battery power
  • Up to three hours of field operation.
  • Uses 3G and 4G cellular networks to reliably transmit live video back to the station.
  • Standards based SDI inputs make MBS compatible with a wide range of professional ENG broadcast equipment.

Manage & Control

  • Take control of your IP video solutions with VBrick's comprehensive media management platform.
  • • Publish and view your video content with an integrated web-based viewing portal.
  • Easily schedule your live broadcasts, rebroadcasts, webinars and recordings.
  • Monitor system health while administering users, permissions and assets with ease.

Record & Store

  • Record and store your video with solutions that are as easy to use as clicking a button.
  • Deliver your message to anyone, anywhere, at anytime with the convenience of on-demand viewing.
  • Full DVD controls via VEMS
  • 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios
  • PAL and NTSC formats
  • Supports clustering
  • Multiple client support
  • Simultaneous store and stream

Play on the Desktop or Mobile Devices

  • StreamPlayer Plus Desktop Video Player
  • Dynamic live content listings
  • Local recording
  • Closed captioning support complies with U.S. Government regulations.

Play on a Display

VBrick's HD STB is an ideal Set Top Box for cost sensitive installations that require large-scale deployment to large format displays.