Projection Screens

Vutec is a leader in hi-performance screen technology. Manufactured in the USA, providing best-in-class commercial and residential projection screens and AV accessories worldwide. Vutec's screen technology & design leadership continues to pave the way with innovative manufacturing of extraordinary front/rear projection screens, masking systems, and AV presentation tools.

Retracta-Vu Pro Traveller Projector Lift

Retracta-Vu Traveller Projector Lift is an all-in-one solution designed for the rental & staging market providing instant installation with no assembly required. Simply roll into place, connect to a power outlet and deploy up to 10'

Retracta-Vu Pro Traveller

Retracta-Vu Pro Traveller is a self-contained precision engineered rising screen adaptable for any venue. Simply roll into place, plug-in and use the switch to deploy the screen from the case.


The Lectric II is a new extruded aluminum ceiling flush mount motorized screen; suitable for air handling spaces, designed for use with all self-supported screen surfaces.


The Lectric I-C has been designed to address today's larger projection venues. Sizes start at 159" D (16:9) through 250" D (4:3). It features all aluminum housing and comes standard with matte white screen surface.

Porta Fold Rear Projection

Porta-Fold screens are available in five formats ( 1:1, 1.5:1, and 16:9 aspect ratios) for rear projection. Size and portability are two big benefits of Vutec's Porta-Fold series. The rear projection screen has a 2.5 gain with a choice of either Rear-Vu or Twin-Vu screen fabrics.

Porta Vu Traveller

Porta-Vu Traveller is Vutec's portable motorized projection screen.

Fusion HD

Fusion-HD by Vutec is a rigid acrylic rear screen, representing the latest engineering advancement in rear-projection screen technology. Fusion-HD performance begins with a superior High Definition image and a higher contrast ratio that is designed for today's High Definition projectors and high resolution image files