Professional Display

SAMSUNG smart signage displays is ideal for crises centers, network operating, EMS has the right professional display solution, with flexible formats range, a choice of a portrait or landscape models, an extremely narrow bezel, sizes from 10″ to 105″ with touch capabilities, and built-in signature on a chip player, Smart signage monitors are based commercial grid panels that works for 24 hours/day.

SAMSUNG video wall monitors can go from 2×2 up to 10×10 installation based on 46″ and 55″ displays

Professional Projection

EPSON is the world wide leader No.1 manufacture for projectors for the last 14 years.

EPSON history spans more than 100 years.

EPSON conyinus its full commitment to offer leading projector technology such as interactive projection, installation projectors ideal for panpramic screens and theaters plus home cinema 3D projection.

Network and Telecommunication Solutions

With the power of rich portfolio, Cisco Telepresence powers the new way of working, where everyone can be more productive through face to face collaboration.

Cisco offers a full range of Telepresence endpoints, Conference rooms, individual desktops and home offices. Underlying comprehensive solutions are powerful infrastructure management tools

A / V and Light Current Solutions

Surveillance :-
BOSCH security system is committed to securing people and premises wherever lives and property are at a risk.
BOSCH offer an extensive portfolio of innovative high quality products from surveillance systems. acces control, intrusion detection, fire alarm and evacuation systems.
Public Address :-
BOSCH praesideo gets your message across no matter what. with over 15000 installed systems worldwide, praesideo is the number one choice for demanding public address and emergency voice evacuation. ideal for hotels, airports, hospitals and shopping malls.
Audio conference :-
BOSCH offers a revolutionary conferencing systems that integrates audio/video and meeting content with internet access in one single wireless and wired option plus interpetation systems and voting solutions.

Professional Audio

Electro-Voice is manufacturer of audio equipment, including microphones, amplifiers and loud speakers.

Electro-Voice is now a subdivision of BOSCH, and has a wide range for art centers, sport facilities, cinemas and more.

Access Control Systems

HID Global provides provides the industry’s most extensive portfolio of readers, cards, conrollers and software to creat, manage and use secure identities. Built with interoperability in mind, HID Global’s open platform supports multiple credential technologies and offers the greatest degree of flexibility and choice in secure access control.

Security Center Platform

Genetec’s security solutions are deployed throughout industries such as city-wide surveillance, education, gaming, law enforcement, parking enforcement, retail, transportation and many more. The open architecture of our solutions enables integration with one another, as well as rhith third-party solutions, letting customers leverage investments and lower total cost of ownership.

Audio / Visual and Switching Solutions

Extron electronics is the leading manufaturer of professional A/V system products. matrix switchers, distribution amplifiers and fine quality A/V cables.

Audio / Visual and Control Solutions

With 40 years in business and 57 offices worldwide, Crestron Electronics is the leading provider of control and automation systems for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and more. No matter where you are, or what you do, with crestron you are always connected.

IPTV Solution

Exterity’s IPTV Technology provides the future of TV broadcast blended with interactivity over IP networks. Today EMS offers IPTV solutions where live TV & satellite broadcast and “Video on Demand” solutions unit in one environm

Live Production

Let the whole world be your classroom, meeting room & training room!With Epiphan capture, record and stream lectures. Conduct better one-on-one remote tutorial. Create a library of video on demand in your organization.


Elmo is aleader japanese company specialized in manufacturing of high quality visualizers. IT cam be used for visualizing small 3D objects, Microscopic slides, books, documents, Typical applications for visualizers are education, medical and justice.


Xerox color laser printers provide innovation printing solutions with impressive office performance, reliability and network capabilities.

Room Schedualing

Condeco have over 10 years of experience in delivering room booking solutions across multiple locations, on a global scale. Condeco Meeting Room Booking Software is one of the most comprehensive systems of its kind on the market. It helps you to streamline the visitor process, provides detailed reporting on room usage and easy management of vendor resources; all from a central meeting room booking system.

Surveillance Solutions

IDIS has eliminated this complexity and designed its Total Solution with network security in mind. DirectIP™ utilizes true plug-and-play with the implicit pairing of devices, and in doing so, the system reduces the amount of information that needs to be managed.

Internet Of Things

Cervello :-
Cervello, by IoTBlue, is a multitenant cloud or on premises platforms that allows you to connect any IoT device with a web platform for easy control and management in an easy and fast way without the need of a development team of your own.

Event Shooting & Video Conference Cameras

Lumens Digital Optics Inc., a Pegatron Group company, is a leader in optical products. Lumens’ product offerings include portable document cameras, desktop document cameras, a ceiling document camera, HD PTZ cameras, and projection engines. Founded in 1998, the company was created by a team with a deep technological heritage of image processing, video electronics, and optical technology. With the support of the Pegatron Group, Lumens is continuously improving product designs to be used in classrooms, conference rooms, and for distance learning. .

Video Processors

With Jupiter create a network of Input and Output Nodes to enable real-time HD or 4K information display to a virtually unlimited number of screens at sites spanning a building, a campus, or a continent.

A / V Screens

Whether designing for a small, eight-person boardroom or a 10,000 seat auditorium, you want a high-quality screen that fits your specific application.Draper’s projection screens fit any space and application. You specify the size, mount, and screen type, and we will create a quality viewing surface for your needs.