1- 3×3 Video Wall Consists of 9 NEC Public display 55″.
2- Video Processor (Jupiter Fusion catalyst 4000).
3- Siemens DAKS Broadcasting & Alerting System (30 Channels DAKS Server, VoIP instead of TDM/ISDN, Call Profile, Emergency and High-Performance Conferences Software, Info Telephone Software, Internet Controlled Telephone Conferences Software, messages delivery to GSM telephones software, Contact Module, HiPath 4000 V4 ).
4- Cisco C60 video conference solution include 2 HD camera and multisite capability.
5- 14 Astra HD satellite receivers.
6- Sennheiser In Ear Monitoring System.
7- Exterity IPTV System for Broadcasting TV Channel over LAN. (AvediaStream c1110 and 8 encoder [AvediaStream e2220]).
8- Crestron control system fully functions (2 wireless Touch panels).
9- Extron complete switching solutions (16×16 Cross point video matrix, 8×8 VGA matrix and faceplates, wall plates, scalars and Digital media processing).


Media center in UNDP Regional Center Cairo mission is to plan and prepare for emergencies, collect and disseminate critical information, and coordinate emergency response. One of the greatest challenges facing implementation of the AV technology at the Media center was to install and integrate systems in which information from several sources could be easily accessed and displayed. During an emergency, they may need to obtain data from various sources including TV and radio stations, internet sites, and PC analysts and conferencing with concerned authorities.


All elements of the Media center’s newly installed AV technology are managed by a Crestron control system. The Video wall screen consists of nine NEC 55″ units, installed side-by-side as one unified display image. A Jupiter video processor allows numerous video, broadcast and computer generated images to be displayed in user-controllable positions across the video wall. The audio coverage provided by Adam wall mount speakers. Analysts can select and hear s any TV channel throw Sennheiser IN ear system. The space before Screen is structured so that three rows of desk face the screen. Each row supports full computer. With Complete AV system client vision wants to integrate its system with DAKS Communication system. DAKS is a high-performance, high-availability telecommunications platform that supports deployment of mission critical collaboration and emergency notification solutions. DAKS can answer calls, automatically dial subscribers, deliver recorded and/or live voice announcements, confirm contact with and accept acknowledgments from subscribers, connect subscribers for bilateral calls or conferences � all according to a business rules and response strategies.