1- BOSCH interpretation and discussion system (235 Handheld Microphone, 2 Interpreter Desk with its microphones, 45 Delegate Unit with Channel Selector, 1 Chairman Unit with Channel Selector, Central Control unit (DCN-CCU), 3 DCN-EPS [extension power supply], software license for management and control).
2- Sony Color Video Camera (3 for Audio Tracking) With Camera joystick Control.
3- Cisco Video Conference (2 MXP 3000 Codec With multi-site capability, 1 HD Camera and 2 Microphones).
4- Panasonic Projector 10400 ANSI (1) With Draper 610 x 610 cm, Motorized Screen.
5- Panasonic Projector 4500 ANSI (12) with Vutec 244 x 244 cm, Motorized Screen.
6- Epson Projector 4000 ANSI (1) with Vutec 213 x 213 cm, Motorized Screen.
7- SMART Board™ Interactive Pen Display (1).
8- Complete Extron Switching System (1 Cross point matrix switch, 1 Multi Graphic Processor and 2 Distribution amplifiers).
9- Complete Audio Solutions (2 Allen & Heath Mixer, 1 Behringer Equalizer, 1 DAS Digital Signal Processor, 1 RCS Feedback Suppressor, 10 DAS Line Array Speaker, 2 DAS Wall Mount Speaker, 6 RCS Ceiling Speakers).
10- 2 Sennheiser wireless microphones.
11- Crestron Control System (1 Processor AV2, 2 TPMC-12, 1 Processor CP2e, 1 TPMC-8T and 1 Volume Control).
12- Extron Control System (12 Media Link Controller MLC 260).
13- 2 Elmo Document Cameras.
14- 2 Tascam CD recorders.
15- Toshiba DVD Player and Recorder.
16- 12 Samsung LED monitor.


Berlin is establishing a satellite campus in Egypt to act as a scientific and academic field office. The nonprofit public-private partnership (PPP) aims to offer German services provided by TU Berlin at the campus in El Gouna, on the Red Sea. The TU campus, whose complex includes a large lecture halls, library, Auditorium , and seven additional buildings housing seminar rooms, offices, and laboratories, extends over usable area of about 10,000 square meters. The University required the latest in presentation technology and wanted the capability to remotely control and monitor the technology.


The Camps includes 11 classrooms. A standardized integrated education platform was designed for each classroom. The integrated platform includes Projector, Motorized screen, connections for laptop computer and Keypad for fully control.

The IT Room is the centerpiece of technology for the University, allowing operators to monitor their campus wide systems including AV, life safety, fire, security, data, HVAC and water systems. The system includes a Projector and motorized screen, and Keypad For control the projector and screen.

As part of the project, the university has auditorium of 400 seats were equipped with the latest projection technology and audio video and sound systems. With this high-quality AV system, presenters have the advantage of using a gooseneck microphone and 17″ multimedia touch panel, creating a high-quality environment in which to exhibit materials. Additionally, line array mounted speakers ensure that audience receives high-quality audio capabilities throughout each presentation. Discussion and interpreter system integrated with AV and video conferencing system, 3 camera used integrated with discussion to achieve audio tracking.

A lighting control system is used to distinctively manage the presentation environment.

The most important consideration in designing the AV systems for the Auditorium was the requirement for Audio tracking of discussion system. A Crestron control system link between Discussion system and 3 cameras used to achieve fully audio tracking.

The main conference room Equipped with projector and motorized screen and Crestron control system. In addition two wall speaker, mixer, feedback suppressor and amplifier used to receive high-quality audio capabilities through conference.