1- 700 Epson projectors.
2- Complete A/V solution for the 200 classrooms using Extron Distribution A/V systems.
3- Complete IPTV System for Broadcasting 400 TV Channel over LAN. (39 Exterity DVB Gateway and 6 Exterity MPEG-2 Encoder).
4-Complete Video Conferencing Network including 12 Video Conference Stations, ISDN Gateway, and IPVCR for archiving.
5- Complete Video Streaming solution including 4 VBrick Streaming Encoders, VBrick Portal Server and VBrick Video on Demand Server (VOD-W).


Our company was tasked with AV System solutions for AUC. This type of installation provides an environment in which each lab has essentially identical functional capability and user interface, with big meeting room, video conference hall, Chairman Room and cafeteria. Additionally, the set-up allows the faculty to walk into any labs and use the system without the need for additional training. Although our teams regularly integrated this type of system for over the last several years, a new call-to-action presented itself during this project


200 labs installation, big meeting room, video conference hall, In the case of the Digital Media lab, Wide-format resolution was specified for the projector and a motorized screen was also required for these labs. To enhance the audio, a 1000 watt two-channel amplifier was specified to power four ceiling mounted pendant speakers and two passive subwoofers, and also we have delivers a special motorized screen for auditorium viewable area up to 9m with high ANSI projector from Epson.